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Swimming Pools

The following is a short list of items that need regular attention to help keep your pool in good working order.  Please remember that no two pools are alike and this list is not intended to address every problem that may arise.  Swimming pools can present many different problems based on a number of factors.  The age of the pool, water quality/chemistry and the age & type of the mechanical systems all play a roll in the frequency, type and expense of maintenance required.  If you are unsure of anything, consult a pool service professional.  The sooner you address a problem, the less it will cost to remedy.

If you are new to pool ownership, become familiar with your pool and its equipment.   In the event your pool has just been built, your pool contractor will show you all of the systems and how to operate them.  However, if you have purchased a home with an existing pool, have the sellers explain the system and what they have been doing to maintain the pool.  They may not have been doing it correctly, but it will give the service professional a place to start if anything is wrong and needs correction. 

Items you should be familiar with:  Skimmers and Leaf Catchers, Timers and Valves, Heater(s), In-Pool Vacuum, Water Shutoff, Electrical Circuit Disconnects

Regular Maintenance:  (Click here for picture)

  1. Circulation:   The circulation pump needs to be run every day.  However, the length of time depends on the size of the pool, the type of filter, the time of year and the number of swimmers.  The best way to determine how long to circulate the pool is to start at 3 or 4 hours a day and increase the time as needed until the water is clear.
  2. Filter:   The filter needs to be cleaned regularly to work properly.  Cartridge filters can be cleaned by hand while sand and DE filters need to be backwashed.  If your filter has a pressure gage, it should be monitored to determine when cleaning is necessary.
  3. Skimmer and Leaf Catchers:   Remove any debris from the skimmer and primary leaf catcher to maintain proper water flow through the filter.  If air gets into the plumbing system when cleaning the primary leaf catcher, bleed air from the system through the air bleeder valve on top of the filter.
  4. Water Level:   The circulation pump and filter will not work properly if the correct water level is not maintained.  If your pool has an automatic fill valve, it should be adjusted to the correct level (3 to 4 inches above the bottom of the tiles).  If not, the water level will need to be maintained by hand.
  5. Clean:   The sides and bottom of the pool should be brushed several times per week to keep them free of dirt and debris.  Remember that you cannot brush your pool too much!
  6. Test:   Test the PH level and chlorine every day until you get a correct reading for three days in a row.  After that, test weekly at a minimum; more often if your pool gets heavy use.
  7. Add Chemicals:  Always read the labels on pool chemicals and store them accordingly. Mishandling can result in an explosion or other injury.  Follow directions and recommendations on the label when adding chemicals to the pool.
  8. Shock:   The water needs to be shocked regularly to disinfect the water, kill algae, bacteria, other organisms and oxidize wastes.  After shocking your pool, test the chemical levels and be sure that they have returned to normal before swimming.
  9. Vacuum:   Visually inspect the vacuum and hose for broken or worn out parts.  Also, clean any debris that has gotten caught in the vacuum and observe that it is functioning properly.

Remember:  If you have any questions, contact your local pool professional.

And ALWAYS supervise children around water!!!

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