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Give a dog a bone?

DID YOU KNOW...that some bones are bad for your dog?  That's because certain kinds of bones can splinter and hurt your dog.

E-mail me cute, funny, sad or happy pet pictures or stories and I'll put some of them on my website...

Did you know... that some dogs can detect a person's scent from four miles away!!!

Too Cute!

Sent in by Karen H.  Thanks Karen!


My cat Mew sleeping next to my fishbowl.  Click for a larger picture.

This is Mew, my cat that got lost.  He was my super-sleepy feline friend.  He liked sleeping, eating and being lazy.  But he liked playing too.

Here are the cats I have now, Jyggi and Velcro.

This is Jyggi. She's crazy just like her name!   This is Velcro.  His tongue is too big for his mouth!  Him and Jyggi are buddies.


 My favorite color for a cat to be is brown tiger striped.  What's yours?

What do you call a 500 pound dog with razor-sharp teeth and an attitude problem? 

Don't call him anything - RUN!!

(Hold your mouse over the "??" for the answer.  It takes a few seconds.)

Drawn by Sara


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